Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Painting: MJ & Grace

Whew, I just finished my 'Painting A Day'. . .

MJ & Grace • 37" x 44" • Oil on Linen

. . . just kidding . . . I've been working on it for several months.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post several progress photos illustrating the process used to create this painting.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your procedure-beautiful painting!

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  5. At first glance, one is immediately drawn to the dynamic composition of the piece. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, stands tall and resplendent, his iconic silhouette commanding attention with every graceful movement. Beside him, Grace Kelly exudes elegance and sophistication, her timeless beauty captured in every delicate brushstroke. Together, they form a mesmerizing tableau that is both nostalgic and electrifying.
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