Friday, March 19, 2010


Avery is a recently-completed commissioned portrait of beautiful and kind young girl, named Avery, that will be featured in the May issue of The Artist's Magazine.  This video shows some of the 'making-of' Avery.  I've also included some higher-res photos of the completed painting below.

The music for the video is from David Tolk.  I found his song Through the Trees looking through the iTunes genius feature.  I liked the music and the title fit quite nicely.  After purchasing the song, I soon found out that David is the brother-in-law of one of my closest art buddies, J. Kirk Richards - the brother of Kirk's wife Amy - as in Amy Tolk Richards, also a talented artist.

But the coincidences don't end there. . . Avery was painted in New Jersey - in the bucolic and historic town of Morristown (Washingon's troops spent two winters there during the Revolutionary War).  David grew up in the bucolic town of Mendham, NJ which happens to sit exactly next to Morristown.  Through the Trees is on the album Memory Road.  I'm not saying it was destiny to pair Avery and Through the Trees, but I am saying that, to me, it seems like artistic peanut butter and jelly.  A big thanks to David for letting me use the music.


  1. Hi Jonathan!
    What a wonderful "step-by-step" of this beautiful painting! Thank you for sharing this.
    I'm struggling to break free of painting too tight, and was fascinated watching your technique.

    I would LOVE taking a class with you, unfortunately I live in Northern California. Maybe some day!

    Until then, I look forward to watching your website and blog for more insights!