Monday, May 23, 2011

Painting Number 3

Here is the 3rd painting - and yes, there is a purpose to the order.  (Title Hint: the painting may illustrate more than one element or principle. . .)


  1. My guess so far:


  2. Hi Jesse -

    Good guesses.

    1. Correct (Light and Shade or Value)
    2. Correct (Shape as well as ___________)
    3. Close (____________ and _____________)

    I can totally see where you're coming from with Volume, but here's a clue for number three: It rhymes with Rorm and Rine : )

  3. That's my kind of hint! It's funny how hard it can be to get a puzzle, until you know the answer. Then it looks easy.
    Great color range you have with three colors in post above.

  4. Just got my 'Artist" magazine and saw the paintings in this current issue. I am an art teacher and am wondering if you have any prints of these elements and art principle paintings. I think they are GREAT and really show how to use the elements. I think my students could learn a lot from these.

  5. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for asking. Actually - yes - we're producing a couple of versions of prints of these paintings especially for classroom use. I'll post an entry when they're available. I'm hoping they'll be ready to order in mid/late August. I'm so glad they're helpful. - Jonathan

  6. Wow I love this picture. It's very dramatic and has a good narrative. I especially love the light and loose brushwork in the background. Incredible work.

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