Wednesday, November 17, 2010

20 minutes? Try 7!

Twenty minutes is enough time for me to sit down, get my drawing supplies out, and contemplate the lighting on a form while making a couple of thumbnail sketches.  It is generally not the time limit for a completed portrait drawing.  I say generally, because every once in a while it is (see here).

Soon after the Western Family Picnic, I participated in a local cable art program.  "We want to do a 7 minute program and we want you to demo a drawing during the interview."  All of a sudden 20 minutes seemed luxuriously undemanding.  I'm wondering if some people don't realize that this is timelapse. . .

Thankfully, Judy was a great model and the drawing went rather smoothly.  As soon as it began, it was over.  I really wish I could write more about the experience, but that pretty much covers it.  I guess if you're trying to hold your breath, or listening to certain music, 7 minutes can seem like a long time, but for drawing a portrait it's practically a singularity.  Thankfully, I do have 2 photos to prove that it happened.

On set with the two-toned 7-minute pastel drawing.

I gave it to Judy.


  1. From what I can see, it looks like a pretty successful drawing!

  2. Thanks Judy - Frankly, I was surprised because, of necessity, she was talking during the 7 minutes. Just kept things a bit more gestural. I'm sure I would have tried to tighten something up a bit too much if we had gone a few more minutes. Thankfully, that wasn't an option.